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Rank tracking is the practice of monitoring the rankings of URLs for separate keywords in search engine results pages (SERPs). Tracking keywords is an automated process done by rank tracking tools. They see if the target website is ranking on the first page and whether it triggers any rich results in the Google SERP. It also involves tracking mobile or local rankings, ranks in Google Maps, Bing, YouTube, or any other alternative search engine. You need to check search engine rankings for all your target keywords regularly to know whether your optimization efforts are effective.
You can contact an our whatsapp no +92 333 6188825 any time or you can reach via an email you will get responce with 8 hours directely from Rankfly team.
AutoFly, our AI-powered feature, autonomously enhances your shopify store's SEO by identifying and refining missing meta titles and descriptions based on the latest SEO best practices. It operates seamlessly, saving you time and ensuring your content stays optimized for improved search engine visibility.
Checking Google keyword position with Rank Tracker could never be easier. Add the URL of your website to create the first project, paste your target keyword, and hit Search. The rank tracking tool will look up the search results on the default Google search results page. Alternatively, in the project that you've already created, go to the SERP Analysis module, paste your target keyword, and hit Search. The tracking tool will immediately look up the top 50 keyword positions on Google SERP and even calculate the keyword difficulty score.